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The African American Visual Artists Guild (AAVAG), of Dayton, Ohio, was born out of the need to express visually the African American experience through a wide range of styles and subject matter using many diverse approaches and materials with a focus on communicating the artist's own spirituality.

This organization shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for membership or employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, sexual orientation or disability, and shall take such affirmative action as necessary to ensure that applicants are employed or become members and are treated equally during employment or membership.

Virtual Gallery - Showing Historical African American Churches of Southwest Ohio

Historical African American Churches Calendar or Wright Dunbar/Wolf Creek Project Calendar

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Use Paypal or credit card to order your calendar(s), give your mailing address, this will send us an email, acknowledging your donation. A calendar will be mailed to you, calendars are $20 each and $4 for mailing. If you do not have a credit card, mail check or money order to: AAVAG, 840 Germantown Street, Dayton, OH 45402 or call Craig Screven at (937) 597-9074 to order calendars for local delivery. Go to our "Donate" page to order through Paypal.

  • simeon
  • Simeon Oyeyemi_Golden Sunrise
  • Linda Phillips_Rough_Ready
  • Marsha Pippenger_Those Who Sit in Darkness
  • David Redmon_Valley of the Dolls
  • Debra Richardson-Wood_African Pride Prints
  • Paul Rienzo_The Healing
  • Yetunde Rodriguez_Lace
  • Ron Rollins_Untitled
  •  Craig Screven_Chasing the Woman
  • Craig Screven_The Glory of the New World 2
  • Rachel Tepe_Midnight Dream
  • Andrea Walker-Cummings_A Lion
  • Andrea Walker-Cummings_Tell Me A Story
  • Yvette Walker-Dalton_Glitter of Hope
  • Yvette Walker-Dalton_Two Women
  • Catherine Yeates_Fasciation
  • Arlene Branick_Influencers
  • Eunice Bronkar_Dr. Singh, Oncologist
  • Clifford Darrett_Human Convergence
  • Willis
  • Willis
  • Amy Dolan_Untitled
  • Horace Dozier Sr_Blue Moon
  • Karen Fisher_I
  • Lois Fortson-Kirk_Carter
  • Bill Franz_Snow Robins
  • LaChrisa Gales_Duality
  • Janyce Glasper_Pears in Port Wine
  • Shannon Grecula_Montgomery North
  • Al Harden_We Are One
  • Gae Helton_Heron
  • Morris Howard_I Dream the World
  • Kelly Ingerson_Untitled
  • Cathy Jeffers_Piece by Piece
  • Bennie Kelley_Rock Facets
  • Kevin McNeeley_Jim the Model


DSA Gallery, 48 North High Street, Dayton 45403

January 2 to January 23, 2021.

Convergence is a group exhibition that brings two of Dayton's art organizations, the African American Visual Artists Guild (AAVAG) and the Dayton Society of Artists (DSA) together to celebrate commonalities, past and future partnerships and shared mediums in which their artists create. Book an appointment to see the exhibit in person at 937 228-4532. You can also see the exhibit virtually at:


DSA Gallery

Program Development Committee Attends DSA/AAVAG "Convergence" Exhibit

On Saturday January 9th, AAVAG's Program Development Committee members attended the exhibit that was following strict coronovirus guidelines for attending inside the gallery. The gallery is located at 48 North High street and appointments must be made before hand to see the exhibit. Amanda Grieve, Director of Dayton Society of Artist is also pictured here with Andrea Cummings. The exhibit runs to January 23, 2021

Open Studio drawing and painting sessions!
We are scheduling painting and drawing sessions, that will be open to the public; check this page daily for date, place and time.
Our Monthly Meetings

We meet the last Saturday of the month, 2 pm to 4 pm at Central State University Dayton at 840 Germantown Street 45402, except for July and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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